Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The ministry of International House of Prayer Metro OKC was birthed out of love for missions. God supernaturally led us to the beautiful country of Guatemala in 2008. Little did we know the plans that God had for us and for the people of Guatemala. To say that it was supernatural is a total understatement! We took our first trip with 8 super zealous people (maiden voyage) having only a possibility for a contact. The plans of God are always amazing and overwhelming. Over the past years we have had the privilege of ministering to literally thousands of Guatemalans. Who knew what God had in store for us not to mention the wonderful contacts we have made. We call them family for a reason. Our first trip was basically a short vision trip. God then began to break our hearts and give us wonderful opportunities with other ministries in Guatemala. In the past we have partnered with Believe Guatemala, Hope House, Endless Faith, plus homes for trafficked children, 3 orphanages plus several Mayan village pastors.   All of these are ministries in Guatemala that we are still involved with today.
After the first trip we knew that our ministry would consist of bringing the good news of Christ to these people but also to help them with food, shelter, clothing & medical assistance. We are committed  now each year to provide boots for the men and women who work in the landfills, in addition  we also bring tons of food. When I say tons, that’s literal. This last summer we gave out almost 4 tons of food. We also provide beds, mattresses, stoves, water purifiers, plus tons of shoes each year for the children. We have had opportunity to purchase land to build  several homes over the last few years in the most remote villages.  The financial responsibility for our ministry has been something that we are 100% committed to but naturally limited to a degree because of our few team members. However, here again God had a plan. God has given us the opportunity to partner with Out of the Box church in Blanchard Oklahoma in 2022.  Not only did several church members and pastor Dustin join us, but they have come along side us financially. Out of the Box just finished building another home for a beautiful young family that was literally living on the street. We are not an elite group, just people like you who love the Lord and want to see His purposes and plans fulfilled in all the earth. Together we can make an even greater difference in Guatemala. To God be the glory!

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